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June 25, 2007, 6:48 pm
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The Apple Store NYC…6/25 at 2:48 PM


The first two folks waiting outside for the iPhone…keep in mind it’s not released until 29th (4 DAYS!)



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Erster iPhone-Schlangesteher in New York gesichtet [Update]

Dieses Foto (jpg) wurde heute morgen um kurz vor acht an Apples 5th Avenue-Store in New York geschossen und zeigt angeblich den ersten auf das iPhone Wartenden. Ob es stimmt? Keine Ahnung – eine schöne Geschichte gibt es jedenfalls her. Update: Sieht …

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they are being paid by apple. duh.

Comment by you_sucker

Ya hay gente esperando para comprar el iPhone

Todavía quedan 4 días y ya hay gente esperando en la puerta de la Apple Store de Nueva York. Desde luego, hay gente fanática.

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Apple Fanboys = Teh lame

Comment by Poobear

[…] to news site Vicarious Music a line has formed at Apple’s flasgship 5th Avenue store in New York. The line which currently […]

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Looks like they just might be hanging out outside the Apple store. Jumping to conclusions a bit saying they are waiting for the iPhone. Good way to get hits on a website though.

Comment by Rumor

Now, this is sick. Absolutely sick. And I’m as much of an Apple fan as anybody.

Comment by beto

[…] is Monday at 2 PM, the first two people are already waiting for the iPhones Waiting for iPhone. Is this too early?!? Or are you heading over there tonight to get in Line? Crazy… […]

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These two may not be in the waiting line, but Apple has already put up a length of bicycle fencing to protect them. Also notice the 10-12 additional lengths of bicycle fencing on the sidewalk north of these two persons. Apple is ready for a line!

Comment by Gary

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[…] iPhone battery life; whether or not there will be a recall; whether fans are camping out (whoops! already happened); whether Apple will sell 12 million iPhones within a year; whether Apple’s stock will jump […]

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Comment by MrGPT

Looks like nobody noticed the seat the guy on the right is sitting on? yah, EVERYONE just brings a camp chair with them everywhere!

Comment by Koops

[…] iPhone battery life; whether or not there will be a recall; whether fans are camping out (whoops! already happened); whether Apple will sell 12 million iPhones within a year; whether Apple’s stock will jump […]

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[…] The Apple Store NYC…6/25 at 2:48 PM Mándalo a tu Twitter: :: temas que pueden estar relacionados :: Llegan a un acuerdo los de Apple y Cisco con el nombre de iPhoneNo hay vacaciones para el 15 de Junio en AT&T, la razón el iPhoneTienda Apple en la 5ta. Avenida […]

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I talked to the 1st guy, he was there since 5 am 🙂

Comment by Markovka

Dang! Looks like I’ll end up 5th in line then,

Gotta go, bye!

Comment by iN00b

[…] y que cada día enloquecen mas y mas  a la gente y los empuja a hacer cosas increíbles como hacer fila desde esta misma mañana faltando 4 días para la venta de este […]

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Si hay gente estupida en el mundo…la mayoria se concentra en Estados Unidos…pobre gente…mientras matan mas personas en Irak o en cualquier pais que quieran invadir esta este tipo de idiotas consumistas haciendo cola para comprar pavadas y pedir prestado dinero para que los aguantes…que incongruentes Por Dios!!!

Comment by Vicky

[…] | Vicarious Music Mantente informado y recibe las actualizaciones antes que nadie. Agrega el feed de Bitperbit […]

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[…] VicariousMusic] Hi, thanks for reading this post. If you’re new here, you may want to receive updates on this site […]

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why would the do it in NYC. better off just saving yourself the day or 2 and travel to some shtity location

Comment by ryan

[…] den amerikanischen Apple Stores und den Filialen des Mobilfunkanbieters AT&T rund gehen. Die ersten Wartenden wurden bereits jetzt vor dem Apple Store an der New Yorker 5th Avenue gesichtet und für den […]

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That guy in the font of the line is a media whore. His name is Greg Packer and all he wants is attention. When will the media realize that he is at EVERY media event and always in the papers and on TV? His 15 minutes ran out 10 years ago. Give it up Packer!

Comment by Bob

[…] around the Apple world is that 2 people have already started the queue for the iPhone in New York City, and there’s even been an […]

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[…] and hyped product in the Apple history. There are reports that some people have already started waiting before NYC stores, mind you 4 days before the […]

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[…] and hyped product in the Apple history. There are reports that some people have already started waiting before the NYC store, mind you 4 days before the release! Some more photos here and […]

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[…] Fifth Avenue store in New York City, which is otherwise open 24 hours a day. That location already has people camping out in anticipation of buying an iPhone when it’s […]

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no it’s the truth..

check out this pix

Comment by kakashi

[…] Yorkers started an iPhone queue last night – a full four days before the thing goes on sale. Now that’s an example of desire. I want […]

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Clayman, the 3rd guy in line, is actually going to sell one of his soon-to-be-acquired iPhones so that the proceeds can benefit a very cool nonprofit – The Taproot Foundation (www.taprootfoundation.org). As odd as he might be for waiting, at least he’s helping an awesome organization get some money and publicity, right?

Comment by Lisa

[…] The New York wait line has already […]

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[…] dessen schraubt ein New Yorker Musikblog dank eines Fotos seine Besucherzahlen drastisch in die Höhe. Auf der Aufnahme vor einem New Yorker Apple Store […]

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[…] campers outside NYC’s Apple store. Little exited eh? 4 days before. First pictures seemed to crop up on Vicarious Music. Then Giz gets and interview with the guys. From Zero to Internet Celeb in under a day. Continuing […]

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If you can afford to not be working to stand in line for a week waiting to buy a phone, how can you have a job to pay the monthly subscription?
I don’t know about you, but if I take off from work that is not a planned vacation (at least 2-3 months in advance notice) then I get fired!

Comment by Ed

[…] Greg was first spotted by Vicarious Music. […]

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Recuerda visitar


Comment by otherside

And I Thought WE Were a New Blog Low…

As if most blogs weren’t boring enough at the best of times (shit, I don’t even know why you’re reading this one) someone’s had the bright idea to write a blog revolving entirely around standing in a fucking queue. A

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[…] vicariousmusic.com claims the formation of lines as early as monday, a full 4 days before launch […]

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