Kings of Leon: Live at SoHo Apple Store by herche
June 8, 2007, 8:04 am
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Kings of Leon

Join us for a live performance from Kings of Leon, who with the release of their new album, Because Of The Times, have made a leap forward in eclectic songwriting and sheer musical skill. After touring with U2 and Bob Dylan, the Nashville-based quartet are already stars in the U.K. and are ready to take the rest of the music world by storm. Be sure to check out their new album with exclusive bonus track on iTunes.
June 8, 6:00 p.m.


Kings Of Leon Cincinnati Live Videos by vicariousmusic
May 27, 2007, 5:47 pm
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Here are 2 more Kings Of Leon videos which were filmed at Bogart’s on May 24th. It was the Cincinnati, Ohio show. ALSO included, the setlist from that night.

Kings Of Leon- “My Party” (Sounds much better after 20-30 secs)

Kings Of Leon- “Taper Jean Girl” (Shorter video but still good)

Black Thumbnail
Taper Jean Girl
King Of The Rodeo
True Love Way
My Party
Molly’s Chamber
The Bucket
Four Kicks
On Call
California Waiting
Spiral Staircase
Encore Break
Knocked Up
Slow Night, So Long

Kings Of Leon Rock Cincinnati Last Night by vicariousmusic
May 25, 2007, 4:15 pm
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It is not very often I find a band worth seeing playing at Bogart’s in Cincinnati. But when I heard the Kings Of Leon were performing, one of my favorite bands, I knew I needed to go. Me being the procrastinator that I am decided to wait until the last second to try and buy my tickets. This does not fly with the Kings of Leon, the show was sold out. Lines of about 100 people at both doors trying to get in before the opening band even came on. Luckily, I know a good person to know, one hour later I have tickets in my name at the box office. I was stoked.


I arrived about quarter til 10, right as The Kings graced their presence on the stage. They immediately started to rock the sold out crowd with their old and new songs. The place was packed, I had to squeeze by about a couple hundred people just to get halfway close to the front. But hey, its all in the the name of rock and roll. The band quickly played one good song after another, the crowd was going crazy throughout all of this. Just as a rock concert should be. People jumping up and down, hands up in the air, chanting lyrics, clapping….you get the point. I heard so many songs I liked, their whole set list was good. I was able to hear a lot of my favorites, Molly’s Chambers, Bucket, King of The Rodeo, 4 kicks, and their new hit On Call.


The great thing about the Kings Of Leon is they sound great live. The sound quality is good at Bogart’s, but defiantly not the best. Still, the Kings sound just like their record. Which is always a great thing to have when watching a show.


I would suggest this band to anybody, it is hard not to like them. I am so glad I finally was able to see them live. The Kings Of Leon put on a kick ass show.


Expect video soon…

review by: Zach