eXtreme Elvis by herche
June 27, 2007, 6:03 pm
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eXtreme Elvis: Live Video
Elvis Presley was extreme. eXtreme Elvis is extremely extreme.

By Mike Errico

Blender.com, April 2006
Exhumed from the Blender.com vaults, this clip was filmed at the Garage in Los Angeles when a documentary filmmaker, on assignment in the club’s main room, stumbled onto the behemoth burning up (and hosing down) the acoustic side stage. Part performance art, part punk rock, part incontinence, this happy ending from the king of King impersonators prompted one staffer to dub him “the best show I’ve seen since I last showered with Ricky Martin.”


Big UPS to Brian Berkowitz for shooting a GREAT VIDEO!!!


Universal Music acquires Sanctuary in reach for faster growth by herche
June 19, 2007, 10:27 pm
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Universal Music acquires Sanctuary in reach for faster growth

By Lucy Killgren and Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson

Published: June 16 2007 03:00 | Last updated: June 16 2007 03:00

Sanctuary Group, the troubled music company whose roster stretches from Dolly Parton to James Blunt, has agreed a 20p-a-share sale to Universal Music, less than 18 months after its former management raised £110m in a rescue refinancing at 50p per share.

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